A Community System of Care
for Children and Adolescents


Prevention and Family Support

Prevention services focus on intervening early to prevent emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse problems from developing. Certified Prevention Professionals are active in the schools and in the community teaching researched based programs and leading alternative community and after school programs. Family support groups meet in each county to give parents support and a voice in our System of Care.

Head Start and Preschool

The beginning of emotional or behavioral issues can often be seen during the critical developmental years of children who are three or four years old. Our staff is available to work with Head Start Programs, parents, and other community providers to provide assessment, referrals, and other case management services to young children exhibiting early at-risk issues. Services are flexible and available to children in their school or home environment.

Counseling Services

When emotional and behavioral issues become more intense children may be referred for individual or group therapy. Our therapists are Master’s level clinicians who provide office based services to assist children and their parents with particularly difficult issues. In most situations children are able to continue working with their Case Manager even while receiving therapy.

Therapeutic Day Treatment

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When emotional and behavioral issues disrupt a child’s ability to stay in a school setting they may benefit from the more intense mental health intervention of Therapeutic Day treatment. Provided in cooperation with the local school system, Therapeutic Day Treatment provides individual counseling, group counseling, and family counseling while the child continues to attend school and receive a full education.

Case Management

Case management is the core service of the Child and Adolescent Program. Our Case Managers are able to work with children at school, at home, or in other community settings in order to make sure their emotional and behavioral needs are met. Services include assessing needs, coordinating services, making referrals, solving problems, and providing supportive counseling.

Crisis Evaluation and Services

When a child’s mental, emotional, behavioral, or substance abuse issues place them at risk for hurting themselves or another person, we provide crisis evaluation and referral to appropriate services. In the event that hospitalization is necessary to keep a child safe, our counselors work collaboratively with parents, doctors, and the hospital to plan a return to the community as soon as possible.

Family Therapy

There are times when emotional or behavioral issues are best addressed by working with the family as a system. In these situations we provide family therapy to help the child, siblings, and parents make positive changes. Family Therapists can meet during working hours, in the evenings, and even on weekends to accommodate family scheduling needs.

Psychiatry and Medication

Our Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist provides psychiatric evaluations and medication clinic to allow children who might benefit from medication to reach their maximum potential. Children must be actively participating in another agency service in order to receive psychiatric services. As a child’s symptoms stabilize we are often able to transition medication services back to a child’s pediatrician.

Intensive In-Home Services

When emotional or behavioral issues reach a point where there is a risk that a child will need placed outside of the home we intervene to keep families together. Intensive In-Home services places a counselor in the home or school setting for five or more hours a week to help stabilize the situation, solve problems and to make improvements within the context of the child’s environment.

Adolescent Substance Abuse Services

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