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Rediscover the Strengths in a Child

The Cottage Day Treatment program is a collaborative community effort designed to meet the mental health needs of children between the ages of 7 and 14 who are exhibiting problematic behaviors. Through this structured program a child is provided academic assistance as well as a wide variety of services offered through individual, family, and group interventions specific to the needs of the child.

Target Population

Day Treatment staff have the experience and expertise to work effectively with children who:

  • Have behaviors of defiance, hostility, and negativism; lose their temper; argue with adults; blame others for his/her mistakes; act angry or resentful; deliberately annoy people
  • Have behaviors of inattention and/or hyperactivity; do not seem to listen when spoken to directly; do not follow through on instruction; avoid or dislike school work or homework; leave their seat in classroom settings when remaining seated is expected; violate the basic rights of others; act aggressively toward people, destroy property; lie or steal; violate rules such as curfew, run away from home, are truant from school; are depressed or suicidal
  • Have difficulties dealing with the impact of abuse including issues of trust, fearfulness, and acting out behavior

Goals of Day Treatment

  • Prevent children from being placed out of their home
  • Promote community collaboration to facilitate positive change for a child and their family
  • Support parents and assist them to become confident with their parenting techniques
  • Encourage youth to manage feelings such as anger and sadness
  • Increase youth’s self-esteem
  • Foster the development of academic skills between peers and adults
  • Offer education on issues such as family problems, substance abuse, and health related issues
  • Present alternatives to delinquent behavior patterns
  • Provide recreational and expressive therapy opportunities
  • Improve communication skills between peers and adults

Advantages of Day Treatment

  • Keeps the child in the home while providing therapeutic programming
  • Stabilizes a child to function in a public school setting
  • Cost is considerably less expensive than inpatient care
  • May serve as a transition from inpatient care to outpatient care
  • Provides a continuum of care between the child, family, school and community resources.

Treatment Team

Our professional treatment team includes a consulting child psychiatrist, licensed clinical therapists, case managers, academic professionals and related community partners.

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